AGA INTELLIGENT is the answer to the growing demand in the field of digitalization and remote control of the opening and closing systems


In AGA INTELLIGENT we have a vision clearly focused on interconnected areas and processes, oriented to a field work with information in real time, streamlining the decision making that will boost the development of new opening and closing solutions in the context of digitalization.



The future for the development of new security products involves the integration of different systems. Our know-how in the design and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic devices, combined with the digital technology that we already have integrated in our business model, placing us at the forefront to compete with the maximum guarantee in the market.


Data control
and management

We have incorporated into our work process the technology and knowledge of professionals capable of optimizing the management and control of data from digital platforms that allows us to identify new opportunities and work more efficiently.

Data control<br/>and management


The experience and knowledge of a sector in which we have been working for more than 55 years, allows us to create systems and devices with the maximum guarantee and total functionality so that the final user has a positive experience of both the product and the service.

Integración<br>de sistemas

We investigate the development of security devices that provide a greater degree of security and protection to people.
Convinient, simple and accessible solutions for any user.

VEHOO as, an innovative and advanced system of control and management of access to the house, which allows us, as a result of the development of its own digital platform “cloud computing” to offer exclusive services over the internet that will make your home a safer place. Furthermore, the sensors incorporated in the system and the VEHOO app keep the user continuously informed about the control of entry and exit to their home; alerts for intrusion attempt, battery status, door opening and closing, and so on.

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